Note: I am currently only accepting new clients who are interested in Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP). KAP is a very promising new treatment that has been used in medicine for many years with a strong safety record. It is becoming more widely used  as an adjunct to psychotherapy that increases and often expedites beneficial outcomes. KAP can be very effective for OCD/Anxiety, Trauma, End of Life Anxiety, Grief/loss and many other issues in which people are struggling in their relationship with thoughts, sense of self and life choices. It can also be useful in couples work, bringing shifts in perspective and understanding.

There is a wisdom that has brought you to consider therapy. Perhaps there are thought patterns or behaviors that feel out of control and compromise your well being. Maybe you feel hindered by past trauma or painful memories.

I would like to support you to reclaim yourself and your life. Together we can bring compassion to support you in any pain or discomfort. With curiosity and acceptance comes greater clarity and less struggle that hinders development. It is possible to change self-destructive behaviors. There is a way to feel safer and more at home in your body. I can help you explore the limits to your freedom so that you can live fully with choice and more joy.

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Special focus areas:

Medical and other Phobias
Surgery preparation and post-surgery psychological healing
End of Life challenges
Self-Harm Behaviors
Grief & Loss

It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be

George Eliot