Note: I am planning to move my practice up to Marin but now it is all video until it is safe(r) to meet in person and I have an office in Marin. I am nearly full but feel free to contact me and I might be able to make some room if you need support, particularly with OCD/Anxiety, Trauma or BFRB therapy. If you need support dealing with OCD/Anxiety in the time of this Pandemic, see my OCD section for information on an upcoming group (Zoom for now, in person when possible).

There is a wisdom that has brought you to consider therapy. Perhaps you feel hindered by past trauma or painful memories. Maybe there are thought patterns or behaviors that feel out of control and compromise your well being. You may feel stuck in your relationship(s) and want help to make things better. When communication breaks down, new tools are needed to shift perspective and return to connection. It may seem that no one understands you and you may feel all alone.

I would like to support you to reclaim yourself and your life. Together we can bring compassion to the places that have been hurt. With curiosity and acceptance we can get to know the ways you have compensated for not feeling fully seen or welcome. It is possible to change self-destructive behaviors. There is a way to feel safer and more at home in your body. I can help you explore the limits to your freedom so that you can live fully with more choices and more joy.

I work with adult individuals and couples to learn new ways of coping and thriving.

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Special focus areas:

OCD/Other Anxiety Issues
Medical and other Phobias
Self-Harm Behaviors
Body Image
Grief & Loss

It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be

George Eliot