Trauma Therapy

lobeliaTrauma is any experience that at the time felt life threatening or overwhelming to a degree that renders a person unable to integrate the experience at an emotional, mental and nervous system level. Whether you are dealing with trauma from the distant past or something that has happened more recently, there is hope for feeling better.

Because it is your body that has endured the traumatic event, it is at this level that support and resolution is needed. While most therapy is limited to a focus on emotions and thoughts, I use a specialized approach that includes helping the body and nervous system to process what has happened. In this way physical symptoms can begin to subside and your system can begin to calm down.

Sometimes the effects of trauma can manifest as physical discomfort (pain, tightness, stomach problems are common) and by attending to the body these can often resolve. You may feel like you are in a constant state of alert or you may feel shut down. In our work we will help you to come to a middle ground of relaxed alertness where you are able to process what has happened without feeling overwhelmed or numb.

Trauma can affect the ability to feel safe or comfortable in relationships. In our work you will learn to understand and pre-empt the ways that traumatic triggers get in the way of your relationships. As you discover the means to being in the present moment and not stuck in the past, you will be able to approach relationships from a place of greater ease and strength.

Trauma therapy doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. I create a safe space where your pace is respected. In fact I will encourage you to go slowly because it is actually more effective. You can share as little or as much as you want about what happened. It is not necessary to share details to support the nervous system in shifting. With curiosity and acceptance, we will encourage new learning to happen that will help you to feel safe and comfortable in your body.

I have many years of experience and training in working with trauma of all kinds. I am trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, developed by Pat Ogden, PhD which is a leading edge modality that utilizes mindfulness and somatic (body-oriented) processing to facilitate resolution of trauma-related body symptoms.

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