Our First Meeting

At our first meeting we will discuss your hopes and goals for our work. We will start developing our relationship to see if it feels like a good fit to be a beneficial collaboration to help you move towards the changes you are seeking.

Our First Meeting Chairs

Bring a notebook and pen every time we meet, and for the first session,  if we are meeting in person bring the paperwork that was requested. If we are meeting virtually, make sure to have a place to meet that is private and feels safe to you.

If we are meeting virtually I will send you an invitation to sign onto Secure Video which uses the Zoom platform but has its own interface. It might ask you to reinstall Zoom but should be pretty simple and straightforward.

Below is all the standard paperwork. If I email you and ask for additional paperwork to be filled out, it is below also.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting with you soon!

Additional Documents:

Contact me with questions: